Official retailers of the Fontana Contarini Group

Ferrari Cosmetics embodies innovation in the field of cosmetics and research of new generation materials and products for a sophisticated and refined clientele, attentive to quality and searching for unique sensations of well-being.

Our researchers have come up with products characterized by their exclusive identities in the cosmetics market by using only the highest quality active plant ingredients originating from certified cultivations and/or lab crops, combined with the best natural ingredients on the market, all made in Italy.

Ferrari Cosmetics does not use parabens, does not do any testing on animals and imposes the same exacting behaviour to its own suppliers who are carefully selected by our biologists thus guaranteeing cutting-edge products with maximum tolerability even for the most sensitive and reactive skins.

Our line is for exclusive people who want élite products.

Our group has recently acquired the historic Fontana Contarini brand which was born at the beginning of the sixties as a small artisan company specializing in the production of high quality cosmetics for the professional market.

Our company is now providing private individuals with products from this prestigious brand that up until recently were intended exclusively for this professional marketplace.

Fontana Contarini today offers a production entirely made in Italy and with raw materials of the highest quality.

An added value, that of Made in Italy, is complemented by the continuous investments in research and development and the efforts made over the years to ensure a service of excellence by maintaining direct contact with its customers.

The values of a family company have thus evolved into a dynamic and organized reality.

Our winning combination – tradition and innovation – has allowed Fontana Contarini to carve out a privileged space in the landscape of cosmetic companies.

This is a dream that endures for over 50 years.