Protect gently

External factors such as pollution, use of inappropriate cosmetics and sudden changes in temperature or health problems, such as allergies, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal imbalances can make the skin particularly sensitive and subject to extreme reactions. Taking advantage of the healing virtues of the caper of Salina, known for its soothing action, the formulation of these products helps to form a real skin protection shield.

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    Face cream sensitive skin

    Adjuvant face cream in the mitigation of skin redness caused by atmospheric stress or chemical treatment stress. It favors the rebalancing of cutaneous pH, often compromised by external environmental factors.

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    Face mask sensitive skin

    Helps to restore the proper hydrolipidic balance of the epidermis, usually compromised by external environmental factors and to calm any skin reddening caused and triggered by inflammatory phenomena.

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    Sensitive skin cleansing milk

    The acidic pH of the emulsion favors the restoration of the physiological pH of the skin and favors the attenuation of any skin reddening caused by the various types of stress that the skin undergoes.