Renew the epidermis

Thanks to its excellent ability to accelerate the process of cellular replacement from the first days and even more so as the weeks go by, glycolic acid makes the skin fresher and smoother, uniform in color and to the touch, minimizing the signs of wrinkles and skin imperfections. Soy yogurt, another key component of these emulsions, guarantees the final touch of softness.

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    Glycolic acid face cream

    It exerts its adjuvant action in the attenuation of some imperfections, such as dark spots of the skin, signs of age and after-effects from acne, making it soft and hydrated at the same time.

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    Glycolic acid face mask

    Provides a valid response to the problems of thick and wrinkled skin, giving them a smooth and elastic appearance.

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    Glycolic acid scrub cream

    It helps to gently eliminate dead cells and impurities, promoting the process of skin renewal and at the same time prepares the skin, optimizing the action of the subsequent treatment.